Jeney: Hostile Environment #Meth Fly

My house is a hostile environment.  Two things:

This fly. It’s not only a Night Fly, so it never sleeps (still up. It’s a Meth Fly, I guess). And it’s the aggressive kind that constantly buzz your head and face and never land. I am very angry with this fly.

Second, someone spilled water on the carpet, but didn’t say anything. So the carpet stayed wet and now it reeks like only mildewy carpet can reek. And it’s so hot out, that it is doing double-dirty-duty by making the smell worse, PLUS it’s so hot out that the open windows are a problem.

This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.

Jeney: Prime Noah Time

Tomorrow, while I slave away at work, Cedric and Noah arrive at my house. They’ll stay overnight, and the next day I’ll slave away at work again while Hannah hogs Noah even more, making him love her more than he loves me.

Through all this, I will continue to love all my children equally, and will not let a root of bitterness grow in my heart. Nor will I (outwardly) stomp my feet because I am missing out on prime Noah time. Because I’m a grown-up, and that’s what grown-ups do: They pretend not to throw fits, and they love even the children who undermine their grandmotherly bonds.

Jeney: Back to School Colds

Troy, David and Violet are about to leave on a backpacking trip in Yosemite. They are going to have so much fun!

We will have fun, too. Except Hannah and Frank, who have back-to-school colds, even though we don’t go back to school. Because other kids go back to school and get colds, then spread them (their kids and their colds) to all the land.