Monthly Archives: January 2010

Jeney: Awkward Stories

Tonight a salesman (Jeremy) from the local phone book company came over to our house to discuss our yellow page ad. We discussed how big the ad would be and it’s design. We talked about the price and exactly what was included for such a sum. We discovered that we would be able to have […]

Jeney: Motherhood Can make You Crazy

Last night, after putting all my kids to bed, I tucked myself into my own bed next to my deliciously foxy husband.  I kissed him goodnight, grabbed all the blankets and holding them close to me, turned over and went to sleep.See, I was sane when I went to sleep. But when I woke up, […]

Jeney: Watching With My Eyes Covered A Little

I can only take the news in small doses.  I watch with my fingers laced together, covering my eyes.  I want to know but I’m afraid to. It’s silly.  I’m silly.  I’m afraid of earthquakes.  Living in California, it’s a valid concern.  I was here during Loma Prieta.  Which was smaller than the quake in […]