Reusable Shopping Bag

It?s easy to find a reusable shopping bag these days; seems like every store from Safeway to Kohls has a branded bag for you to purchase.  Or maybe you plan to dig your way to the back of your closet and unearth that faded-out canvas number ? Either way, Well Done.

But, have you considered taking it a step up? I have an upcycled shopping bag, and it sincerely rocks.

Originally part of a three-piece set (small/medium/large) it is made from a 50lb Riceland Foods, Inc. bag. It has reinforced seams and handles and is made from a plastic-type material that insures it will last almost forever either upcycled as a grocery bag ? or in a landfill.

Proceeds benefited Asia?s Hope. You can read more about them here:

I eventually wrote the website on my shopping bag with a sharpie, because people are always asking about the bag. 

Yes, it rocks that loud.


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